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“Easy Go, Easy Come” [sic]

Stock investments had a dreadful 4th quarter in 2018; most markets entered a bear market (i.e., a fall of 20% or more from peak to trough). What were we all thinking and feeling on Christmas Eve, around the time markets were bottoming out? Well, hopefully, you were...

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4th Quarter 2018: What just happened?

“Take courage, my heart: you have been through worse than this.” Homer, Odyssey 20:18 What just happened this past quarter of 2018?  During the last quarter of 2018 many stock markets succumbed to the dreaded bear market, falling in value from their previous peak...

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3rd Quarter 2018: When Markets Fall: Trick or Treat?

When markets fall it can be scary. Maybe a bit like a haunted house during Halloween? You know it should end up ok in the end; but the way through is nonetheless unnerving, possibly very unnerving. Perhaps you won’t even want to see your way to the end? In this...

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