Omega Financial Group is committed to providing our clients with high quality care through sophisticated, holistic financial consulting and wealth management services.

Finding Good Financial Advice

Dr. Minor has been a professor at Northwestern University (Kellogg), Harvard Business School, and is currently faculty at UCLA (Anderson). His MBA students often ask him how to find excellent financial advice. His advice is as follows:

Minor recommends at least three aspects to look for in your advisor. You will want to seek out an advisor that is part of a complementary team. On that team, you’ll want to ensure at least one person holds a certified financial planning license, as this assures a base-level of financial planning skills. Ideally, at least one person also holds a PhD in economics or applied statistics, as there are many tools and methods important for accurate analysis that are obtained through these programs. For example, Minor has seen many advisors incorrectly use tools such as Monte Carlo simulations, as they do not understand how various assumptions link to the statistical programming and outcomes. You will also want to work with an advisor with consistent incentives. For this, Minor recommends seeking out a fiduciary-standard Registered Investment Advisor, as opposed to a broker or dealer. Finally, you will want to work with an advisor who has a sophisticated, comprehensive approach. There are many advisors, and they are very heterogeneous in their quality and skill sets. Quality advice takes into consideration all aspects of the client’s life and provides skillful solutions that address those aspects in a smart way.


Chief Strategist | CIO


As Chief Strategist and CIO at Omega, Dylan has the role of overseeing the management of client assets and financial strategies. He works closely with Omega’s advisors to help create client financial strategies based on clients’ own unique needs and goals.

Director | Chief Compliance Officer


Bryan works with private clients as Senior Investment Advisor and is Director of the Omega office.  Bryan seeks to provide unsurpassed investment planning services to the clients of the team.

Senior Wealth Advisor


Paul manages private client, managed account and mutual fund relationships.  His business background includes owning and operating both a retail/wholesale business and a commercial fishing business.

Senior Wealth Advisor


Rob works with pre and post retiree clients, foundations and other non-profit entities. He also manages and oversees some of Omega’s proprietary investment strategies, including Protected Value™ and Direct Total Return®.

Operations Manager | Lead Client Service Associate


As a liaison for advisors and clients Naomi has acquired a broad spectrum of proficiencies that make her a valuable asset to the Omega team.

Executive Assistant to Dylan Minor, PhD


With her penchant for organization and her years of experience in customer service, Jessica works hard to ensure that our office runs smoothly and that each and every one of our clients has the top-notch experience that defines Omega Financial.


Ultimately, the value creation from an advisory relationship is driven by the skill set of the advisor. We are not the appropriate firm for all clients, and not all clients are appropriate for our offerings. In the end, we want to make sure that we are creating large amounts of value for our clients. We offer a suite of sophisticated skills at Omega Financial Group meant for those families with sufficiently complicated financial lives. As such, before engaging with a client, we convene a series of discovery meetings to determine if there might be a good fit, as no firm is right for everyone.



Helping families take advantage of opportunities around the globe, regardless of citizenship or residence.


Designing portfolios to survive and thrive in different targeted economic and financial environments.


Combining the best of practice and the best of academia.

Optimized Wealth Integration®

Strategically integrating all aspects of financial life. This includes investing, real estate, debt management, charitable planning, alternative investments, tax strategy, asset location, residence choice, and estate planning.


Helping maximize the value of a family’s enterprise, as well as monetize its value.


Designing charitable planning with a family’s overall investment, estate, and tax plan, as well as maximizing charitable impact.


Helping fiduciaries meet their duties and obtain successful outcomes.


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