States of the WΩrld Wealth Management®

STATES OF THE WΩRLD WEALTH MANAGEMENT® is our proprietary wealth management service of managing assets based on possible known outcomes rather than attempting to predict particular outcomes of financial markets. To do this, we allocate a client’s holdings across different assets that have returns tied explicitly to different states (i.e., possible outcomes) of the financial world.

For example, we have a strategy designed to survive precipitous market drops (i.e., PRΩTECTED VALUE™). , another to earn modest returns during flat market periods (i.e., TΩTAL RETURN®), and another to thrive during strong market return periods (i.e., DIFFUSSIΩN™). Our wealth management services are thus in sharp contrast to the conventional approach of simply assuming some return across assets and holding a static asset allocation of various traditional investments (e.g., 60% SP500 and 40% intermediate US bonds).