Design Your Dreams

Design Your Dreams

Architects have the dual purpose of converting someone’s dream into reality. To do so requires a combination of understanding the dream and being able to make it work successfully in a real-life property. The process is a combination of art and science.

So too at Omega Financial Group we are architects of our families’ dreams. An essential skill in this process, both for successful architects and Omega, is identifying and quantifying what we call “levers.” Levers are the decisions that affect outcomes. However, levers can be quite different. Some likely cause little change where a few can have substantial impacts on the outcome. And some levers can ultimately make for a worse outcome.

For example, the footprint of a home can have a dramatic impact on what can ultimately be realized in the final product and is very expensive to reverse. In contrast, deciding the color of a bedroom wall matters but is easily changed. Naturally, architects will then worry much more about the footprint. Similarly, spending another $250,000 on part of the project might move the home from 90% to 98% perfect, 80% to 82% perfect, or even make it less perfect. Deciding how to spend the $250,000 (or deciding not to spend it at all) is an example of exploring levers: different ways to spend it have varying levels of effect. It is important to find the right lever.

At Omega Financial Group, a big part of what we do is determining which levers matter most and what should be done to convert our clients’ dreams into reality through using the right levers. Examples of levers include when to retire, how to grow a business, how to best fund retirement, how to best allocate assets, where to domicile assets, tax strategy, and philanthropic plans.

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